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Generally the same traffic rules are applied as in all other EU-countries. Except from a few legal exceptions and local "customs", there is nothing unusual.

General rules:

Yellow zig-zag lines or solid lines along the street edge mean no-parking zone, blue lines mean limited time for parking.

Fasten seat belts: anyone who is sitting on a seat with seat belt needs to fasten it. If not, you can quickly get a traffic fine of up to 300 € (per Person!).

Mobile phones in the car:: As in other EU-countries, making calls with mobile phones without hands-free system is prohibited while driving. Also headsets are prohibited. In this case the fine can be 90 € and more.

Towing using private vehicles is strictly prohibited.

Obligation of lights during the day: no

Passing lanes / fast lanes:

Überholspuren / Ausweichspuren:Click here to see larger image. You can see these "passing lanes" for slow cars and trucks, particularly in mountain roads. They are located in small sections at the right side of the road, clearly marked by thick lines. If you have fast vehicles behind you, it will be very welcomed if you enqueue into this lane. At the end of this lane, vehicles on your left side have right of way, you even have to stop to let them pass, ATTENTION: there is no " late merge or zipper method"


Common on La Palma: if the driver of the first car of a car queue wants to make a turn and for example the left indicator is blinking, then all the other cars behind him will also blink with the left indicator, passing the "blinking-signal" through to the end of the queue, altough they don't have the intention to turn. Where might this come from...


For all drivers in general:

0,5 per thousand per liter of blood/ 0,25 parts per thousand in breathing air

For men this means approx. 0,6 liter beer, 0,25 liter wine or 80 ml liquor, for women barely 0,5 liter beer, 200 ml wine or 60 ml liquor.

For drivers with a recent license

0,3 parts per thousand per liter of blood/0,15 parts per thousand in breathing air

For men this means approx. 0,33 l beer, 150 ml wine or 40 ml liquor, women can have a maximum of 150 liter beer, 100 ml wine or 20 ml liquor.

A drunk driver not only has to face high fines, you might also face prison.

Speed limits, unless otherwise specified:

90 km/h for country roads (100 km/h for roads with 2 lanes, with a continuous line or a side-stripe of at least 1,50 m wide)

50 km/h within the localities

Highway generally 120 km/h

Roundabout circulation in Spain

Here a few rules about the spanish roundabout circulation:

  • Always drive right into the roundabout

  • Vehicles driving in the roundabout have right of way, also bicycles

  • Indicate to leave the roundabout

  • In case of a roundabout with two lanes, those driving on the outer lane have right of way

  • Only when you want to take the next exit you drive into the outer lane, before always use the inner lane. Before the desired exit change into the outer lane

  • If it is not possible to change from the inner to the outer lane right away, the one driving in the inner lane must always give way to those driving in the outer lane

  • Before changing lanes blinking is required

  • If changing lanes is not posibble due to traffic, it's better to drive an extra round.

Motor vehicles

In each automobile there must be a reflective safety vest, which you have to wear for example in case of a breakdown on a country road or highway when leaving the vehicle.

In each automobile there must be 2 warning triangles, no first aid kit.

An At gas stations motor, lights, radio and mobile phones need to be switched off.

Making phone calls is only allowed using a hands-free system.

Straight driving drivers have right of way, if motor vehicles turn left or right

Stopping on country roads or highways to pick up hitch-hiker is not allowed

Radar warning devices are prohibited

Persons, smaller than 1.50m, need to use special child seats.

You have to wait in case of a traffic jam before or inside a tunnel or a underpass, until the entrance is free again. In case of stop and go traffic in a tunnel, motors need to be turned off and hazard warning lights and parking light need to be switched on.

Dogs also need to be strapped on.

To carry spare cans filled with gasoline is prohibited in Spain. Only special plastic canisters filled at the gas station are allowed.

If it's not possible to keep the minimum speed, hazard warning lights need to be switched on.

Motorcycles and bycicles

Outside build-up areas wearing a helmet is required for cyclists

The alcohol level for cyclists is 0,5 parts per thousands in blood and 0,30 parts per thousand in breathing air

At dawn or darkness cyclists outside build-up areas need to wear a reflective piece of clothing or a reflective strip, which is visible at a distance of 150 m.

Spanisch vocabulary, all about the car

I need = yo necesito

The help = la ayuda

The doctor = el médico/la médica

The police = La Policia (Guardia Civil)

Ambulance = Ambulancia

The insurance = el seguro

The car = el coche

The accident = el accidente

The damage = la avería

The motor damage = la avería del motor

The breakdown service = el servicio de grúa

The liegt = la luz

The indicator = el intermitente

Where ist the next gas station? = ¿Dónde está la gasolinera más próxima?

The gas station = la gasolinera

To refuel = repostar

Motor oil = aceite de motor

Diesel = el gasoil

Super unleaded = gasolina super sin plomo

Regular petrol (gasoline)= gasolina normal

Full tank please = lleno por favor

Go left = a la izquierda

Go right = a la derecha

Straigt ahead= todo recto

The traffic light = el semáforo

The crossing = el cruce

The turn= la curva

The tire = el neumático / la goma

Thre street = la calle

The license plate = la matrícula

Compared to most of the low-cost car rentals: NONE AT ALL! The rate we mention is the absolute final.


No, we think this procedure is untrustworthy!

SOf course. All local car rentals work at the "Parking Meeting Point" directly at the terminal. It is in 2 minutes walking distance. For a precise description: here.

AAt the aiport in the car park P1 parking deck S-2 in the A-area "PARKING MEETING POINT" - you find a detailed description also to print: here

Principally the rental car is returned directly in the car park at the flight terminal. Other locations such as the port of Santa Cruz or near Puerto Naos - Los Llanos - El Paso - are posibble after agreement.

Principally yes, please on request.

In case of an accident please follow these steps::

  1. 1

    Call us at +34- 649410082/ -83/ -84 or -85. We understand english and are available for you right away and inform the police if necessary.

  2. 2

    In case of an accident with passenger injury (damage) please call 112 or +34 - 922 18 50 00 and ask for "English".

The important information such as general terms and conditions, insurance and payment options are also described in english. A detailed explanation is possible on request at the time of the delivery.

Any time at: +34 - 649410082/ -83/ -84 oder -85 (English, German, Spanish).

Yes, this would be the Fiat Panda 4x4, Toyota RAV4 or the Kia Sportage.


The payment takes place at the time of delivery of the rental car, preferably in cash or with Maestro, Visa or Mastercard. A down payment or deposit are not necessary.

You can make a bank transfer to our spanish account in advance of the whole payment or part of the payment. Bank details on request.

Included in the rental rate is a liability insurance (up to 50.000.000 €) with fully comprehensive insurance (car damage waiver). These are the following options:

  • Fully comprehensive insurance (C.D.W. - car damage waiver), with the following deductible, groups A, B and C: 120€, groups D,E,F and G: 250€.

  • Fully comprehensive insurance without deductible (S.C.D.W - Super Car Damage Waiver): only available for groups A to D.

  • Always included is a passenger insurance & car theft insurance.

Not included, but optional to insure:

  • Breakage of glass

  • Tire & rim damage

Sillboard & underbody damage

  • Not included in the rental rate are gasoline costs, traffic fines, general damage caused by driving on not asphalted roads. Also not insured are damages caused by brought along pets.

...also a third one, for free!

The car is tanked enough and at least half full. We rely on the fact, that the car will be returned with the same tank filling level as at the time of delivery. The refueling is charged with a cost of 2€/liter of fuel. We gladly hand over the car with a full tank and you return it full tanked as well - On request.

Basically the minimum age is 21. There can be made exceptions in the case of family trips - everything else on request.

As long as there no agreed cancellation fees, the amount is 20 € if you cancel within 24 hours or less before arrival. There are exceptions for illness or family related cancellations.

Can't you find your question in the list?

Ask us by contacting us. We are available for you at any time.

Algemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB)

Gültig ab dem 30.08.2011

Der Mieter erhält das umseitig aufgeführte Fahrzeug nebst Zubehör in ordentlichem und funktionstüchtigem Zustand. Er verspricht diesen zu erhalten und das Fahrzeug entsprechend den Bestimmungen der Straßenverkehrsordnung zu fahren. Ausdrücklich untersagt ist:

  1. 1

    das Fahrzeug für den Transport von Personen oder Sachen, sei es direkt oder indirekt unterzuvermieten oder unangemessen zu benutzen.

  2. 2

    nicht autorisierte Personen das Fahrzeug fahren zu lassen.

  3. 3

    das Fahren im Zustand körperlicher Schwache verursacht durch Alkohol oder Drogen.

  4. 4

    das Fahren auf Forstwegen, am Strand oder auf nicht asphaltierten Straßen.

  5. 5

    mehr Personen als die zugelassene Personenzahl zu transportieren.

  6. 6

    am Kilometerzahler zu manipulieren. Ein Schaden am Kilometerzahler ist dem Vermieter unverzüglich mitzuteilen.

  7. 7

    das Fahrzeug zu sportlichen Wettbewerben jedweder Art zum Abschleppen, Anschieben oder zu Fahrunterrichtszwecken zu benutzen.

  8. 8

    Bei Verstoß gegen einen der vorgenannten Punkte erlischt automatisch die Deckung der Versicherung fur Sachschaden sowie die persönliche Unfallversicherung. Ebenfalls behalt sich bei einem Verstoß gegen einen dieser Punkte die Vermieterfirma das Recht vor, den Vertrag ohne Vorankündigung aufzuheben und das Auto zurückzunehmen, wobei die Garantiesumme oder erhaltene Vorauszahlungen beim Autovermieter verbleiben.

Das Fahrzeug wird an dem im Vertrag angegebenen Ort, Datum und zur genannten Uhrzeit zurückgegeben. Bei verspäteter Rückgabe zahlt der Mieter für jede verspätete Stunde ein Fünftel des vereinbarten Tagespreises. Wenn der Kunde nicht vorher mit der Vermieterfirma abspricht, den Mietvertrag zu verlängern, lauft er Gefahr der widerrechtlichen Aneignung beschuldigt zu werden.

Der Mieter ist einverstanden außer den im Vertrag aufgeführten Betrage zu bezahlen für:

  1. 1

    abhanden gekommenes Zubehör, Werkzeug, Reserverad, Batterie, Schlüssel und Fahrzeugpapiere.

  2. 2

    Busgelder für Strafbescheide bei Verstoß gegen die Straßenverkehrsordnung, sowie die Abschleppkosten des unerlaubt geparkten Fahrzeuges.

Die vom Vermieter abgeschlossene Versicherung deckt den Mieter oder den autorisierten Fahrer gegen die gesetzliche Haftpflicht in unbegrenzter Hohe, ebenso Burgschaften und Rechtschutz. Die Zahlung der zusätzlichen Deckung bei Unfallschaden befreit den Mieter von der Zahlung für Schaden, die am gemieteten Fahrzeug entstanden sind, außer in den Fallen, die im ersten Absatz genannt sind. Die Zahlung der zusätzlichen Insassenunfallversicherung deckt die Kosten fur die Insassen des Fahrzeugs und den Fahrer. Ausdrücklich von der Deckung ausgenommen sind Verlust, Raub oder Beschädigung von im gemieteten Fahrzeug transportierten Gegenstanden. Reifen, Glas und gestohlene Einzelteile sind nicht eingeschlossen.

Bei einem Unfall ist der Mieter verpflichtet

  1. 1

    den Mietwagen nicht vom Unfallort wegzufahren, bevor die zuständige Polizei eintrifft.

  2. 2

    das Unfallgeschehen sofort der Vermietfirma mitzuteilen.

  3. 3

    mit der Gegenseite keinerlei Übereinkommen über den Hergang zu treffen.

  4. 4

    den beschädigten Mietwagen nicht zu verlassen ohne die notwendigen Vorsichtsmaßnahmen gegen weitere Schaden oder Verluste getroffen zu haben.

  5. 5

    alle Daten der Gegenseite aufzunehmen (Fahrer. Eigentümer, Fahrzeug, Versicherungsgesellschaft).

Selbst wenn das Auto voltkaskoversichert ist, leistet bei Verstoß gegen einen der genannten Punkte die Versicherung nicht. Im Falle eines vom Vertragspartner verschuldeten Unfalls, bezahlt dieser der Vermieterfirma eine Tagesmiete von tägl. 12 Euro solange das Fahrzeug in Reparatur ist.

Der Mieter erklärt, dass er vollständig berechtigt ist das Auto, das er mietet, zu fahren und dass er die volle Verantwortung dafür übernimmt.

Der Kunde der Mietwagen der Firma unter dem Einfluss von Drogen, Rauschgiften, alkoholischen Getränken oder irgendetwas anderem, das seine geistigen Fähigkeiten verändert, das Auto fahrt, übernimmt die volle Verantwortung fur alle Schaden und Beeinträchtigungen, die am Auto entstehen, sowie diejenigen, die er an anderen Autos, Personen, Sachen, Tieren und Dritten im Allgemeinen verursacht. Wer unter den vorgenannten anormalen Bedingungen das Auto fährt, ist außerdem verantwortlich für die mitgeführten Personen und Gegenstande sowie der Strafmaßnahmen, die er heraufbeschwört. Der Mieter hat unter den genannten Umstanden weder Anspruch auf Ersatz des gemieteten Fahrzeuges, wenn dieses Auto durch Unfall nicht mehr fahrtüchtig ist, noch auf irgendeinen finanziellen Ausgleich.

Bei jedweder Streitfrage, die sich über die Erfüllung und Durchführung des vorliegenden Vertrages erhebt, unterstellen sich die Vertragspartner ausdrücklich der Rechtssprechung der gerichtlichen Instanzen der Provinz Santa Cruz de Tenerife unter Verzicht auf den eigenen Gerichtsstand.

Es ist den Mietern ausdrücklich untersagt das gemietete Fahrzeug ohne ausdrückliche Genehmigung der Vermietfirma aus dem Territorium der Insel, auf der der Vertrag gemacht wurde, wegzubringen. Bei Nichtbeachtung des vorgenannten Verbotes wird der Vertrag automatisch aufgehoben und der Mieterkann nötigenfalls gerichtlich belangt werden.


Gültig ab dem 24.05.2018

Address: Camino Cumplido 43, 38760 Los Llanos de Aridane - Spain

2.1 What do we use the data for?

The following Privacy Policy sets out the terms under which Montarent S.L. will treat personal data collected in the course of its business; this includes any personal data collected through our website, as well as any other data we process in the course of our business activities.
In addition to the use of your data for the purpose of contracting the service, if you give us your consent we will also use it to keep you informed of our projects, services and updates.
MONTARENT S.L. collects the following personal data for the purposes indicated below:

a) Web contact form: the personal data collected through this form will be used exclusively to inform you about the services you have requested.

b) Contracting of services: in the event that you contract any of our services, your personal data will be used exclusively for the administrative management related to the purchased product. This implies from the invoicing of the service to the accounting tasks associated with it.

c) Social networks: any data you provide us with or that you may share through the social networks in which Montarent S.L. has an active account will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy of each social network. We recommend that you read them and review them periodically before interacting with Montarent S.L. through the aforementioned social networks.
2.2 How long do we store your data?

The data of potential customers who do not end up contracting any service, will be automatically deleted after three years from the contact, as long as the potential customer has not shown more interest in our services or products. In the event of contracting any service, the data will be treated for the duration of the commercial relationship and, once concluded, for the time necessary to respond to possible legal liabilities.
In the event that you give us your consent to be informed of our products or services, we will keep your data until you indicate your willingness to no longer receive communications from us. In any case, you may exercise your right of opposition through the channels announced in this Privacy Policy.

Client data will be processed by MONTARENT S.L., as well as those related to its employees, in order to comply with the contractual relationship.

We will only process your data for promotional purposes if you have given us your specific consent to do so. You will always have the option of revoking your consent to the processing of your data for these purposes.

Transfers of data to third parties: Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties without your consent, unless Montarent S.L. is obliged by law to pass on such data.

You have the right to:

- Access to personal data.
- Rectify personal data.
- Delete personal data.
- Submit a complaint or a written statement to the Spanish Data Protection Agency or the regional data protection agency to protect your rights, if any.
- Be informed of any security incident that may affect your rights.